Drawing circles

Circles are pretty hard to draw perfectly, even after a lot of practice. Most drawing programs have a tool for this, and that might be the best option. Mind you, in some programs this doesn't work exactly as you'd expect. Some of the time the circles are a little off on one side (usually the right side is slightly smaller than the other). If this is the case, you'll have to either resort to the method below or learn how to get the result you want through practice and trial and error.

Like rectangles, it's a good idea to tilt your drawing surface so that you aren't trying to draw at a slant.

How to draw a circle freehand:
Start by lightly drawing a plus sign. The ends of the plus sign are going to be the outermost tips of the circle or oval. If you think you'll need a little extra help, draw a box around the plus sign (the ends of the plus sign should be the center of the box's sides).
Draw an arc between the ends of the plus sign. It's best to focus on only one quarter of the shape at a time, and be prepared to erase an arc if it doesn't come out right.
Continue working your way around the shape until you've covered the entire circle.