Drawing a Pentagon

Pentagons are five sided figures. Most pentagons are simply figures with five sides, so you won't have any particular problem drawing them; just connect five lines. However, a regular pentagon (a pentagon where each side is the same length) is rather difficult to draw without some guidelines.

If you have the tools available, you should draw them using angles. To place the pentagon easily, draw the bottom line first and then go from there. The bottom side is about 62% (just a little under two thirds) of the width of the entire pentagon.

How to draw a pentagon without using the angles:
Draw a box around the area where you want to put your pentagon.
Divide the left, right and bottoms sides of the box into fifths.
Draw a line going straight down from the center of the box's top side. You want to try to make this line about one fourth the length of one of the bottom sections.
Connect the end of that line to the marks two fifths down the sides.
From there, connect the marks two fifths from the top to the marks one fifth in on the bottom.
Connect the marks at the bottom to complete your pentagon.