Drawing a 10 Point Star

Up for another round of measuring angles and drawing straight lines? That’s the basic way to handle this design, and while it looks tricky, it’s simple enough to master in just a few tries.

So once you get your protector ready, here’s the easiest way to draw this design:

Illustration of step 1Draw a horizontal line where the middle of your star goes. This line provides you with the diameter for your star.
Illustration of step 2Place a mark in the middle of the line. This is where the center of your star is, and gives you a visual guide to how long to make the first set of spokes.
Illustration of step 3Note the distance from the end of the line to the mark. With that length in mind, work your way around the figure adding lines that long every 36°.
Illustration of step 4You’re half done. To start the second group of spokes, add a new line half as long as the ones you’ve been drawing roughly 18° from the original line.
Illustration of step 5Go around the figure again, adding more small lines every 36° of the way.
Illustration of step 6Connect the ends of the lines to finish the design.

Important tip: the lines to the sides of the topmost and bottommost points are NOT straight up and down. They actually lean towards the center of the star.Back to the top of the page 

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