Drawing the Star with 8 points

This stretched out design is largely dependent on its early steps. If you set up the underlying structure right, it's a snap to get everything where it belongs with the right proportions. Using a grid can simplify things even further.

An example of making an 8 pointed star using a grid

If you don't want to use a grid, try this easy method:
Start by drawing a square.
Split the square evenly into three upright rectangles.
Now add a rectangle on the above and below the rectangle in the middle. These new rectangles should be about half as tall as one of the first three rectangles.
Split the rectangles on the sides into three smaller squares.
This is where things get a bit tricky. Keep an eye on the example to the left as you continue, as the instructions get confusing quickly. Connect the middle of the outer side of the top and bottom rectangles to the inner corners of the squares they share a border with.
Connect each of the original square's outer corners to the inner corner of the square across from them.
Now connect the those same outer corners to the center of the nearest side of the square next to them.
Work out the half of the length of one side of one of the smaller squares, then add a mark that far on each side of the figure. Try to center the mark vertically.
Connect these marks to the center of the top and bottom sides of the middle squares to finish the design.