Drawing a basic halo

There isn't much to drawing a basic halo. The only real problem is getting it large enough that it surrounds the head, and that is easily solved.

Here are the simple steps in drawing a basic halo:
First, draw your figure. The lines for the halo should go behind their head and shoulders. In fact, if you're drawing this on a computer, use another layer for the halo if your software supports it.
Draw a line going straight up from the center of the figure's head. This line should be roughly as tall as the head itself.
Use this first line as a reference to create a plus.
An optional step that might help you here is to make a square using the ends of the lines. Your halo should remain inside this box.
Use the ends of your plus to guide you in making a circle around the figure's head. Remember: the lower portion of the halo goes below the figure's shoulders.