Drawing an Epiphany Star

There's less to drawing this symbol than it looks, but it's still one of the more difficult designs. The real trick is getting the star centered. Get ready to draw a lot of circles!

Here's how to tackle this design:
Start by drawing a large plus.
Divide the arms of the plus into sixths.
Use the plus and the marks to guide you in creating three circles using the tips and the two outermost marks as your guides. The outer two circles two will be part of the finished design, but the innermost circle is just to help place the star.
Work your way around the design adding new lines every 72° (the first line should actually be part of the plus itself). These lines start in the center of the plus and continue until they reach the innermost circle.
Connect the places where those lines touch the circle to create the star.

Some versions of this design also include rays coming from the star. Here's how to add them:
Draw a line straight down from the middle of the plus. This line goes all the way to the inside edge of the design's circle. Of course, if you haven't erased the setup from drawing the symbol yet, this line is already there as part of the bottom arm of the plus.
Add two more lines from the center of the symbol, this time at 15° angles to the straight line. One line is 15° clockwise, the other 15° counter clockwise.
Using the straight line as 0° again, work your way around the figure adding new lines every 72°.
Repeat step 2 using these new lines.
Trace over the parts of the lines you want to make into your rays. If you need help keeping things even, make a circle using the marks in the middle of the plus' arms.