Drawing a fish

Fish are really easy to draw. Their natural flexibility makes it even easier.

Here's how to draw a simple fish:
Begin by drawing a curved line. One end of the line will be the fish's nose, so point that end where you want your fish to be looking.
Place a mark roughly 1/4 of the line's length away from the end of the line that marks the fish's nose.
Extend lines perpendicularly from that mark. The longer these lines, the fatter the fish. A good length for these lines is about half of the distance from the tip of the original line to the mark.
Extend similar lines from the other end of the original line. This will form the basis of the fish's tail.
Use all of the lines to guide you in making two S shapes. These will define the fish's body.
Add details, like the fins, eyes and gills to finish the fish.