Drawing a Nativity Star

No picture of the manger or the three wise men is complete without the star high above! Fortunately, it’s an easy design to work with, as it’s just a 4 pointed star with a little embellishment.

Here’s how to turn a four pointed star into something a little fancier:

Illustration of step 1As you’d expect, this design begins with the 4 pointed star design, so draw that first.
Illustration of step 2Can you see the square created by the inner corners of the four arms? Make a note of the length of one side of that square, then draw diagonal lines roughly that long from the inner corners going out.
Illustration of step 3Next, place marks right in the middle of square’s sides.
Illustration of step 4Connect the ends of the lines to these marks to form the extra points.
Illustration of step 5And you’ve made yourself a star worthy of guiding the Magi!
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