Drawing a Shamrock

One of the benefits of drawing a design like this that each part looks like another, so when you get one part done you can just repeat what you did to finish the design easily.

Here's how to draw a shamrock:
To begin your shamrock, draw a plus sign with the bottom arm going diagonally off to one side (typically people have it going to the right, but that's up to you). If you'd prefer to make a four leaf clover, draw an X with an extra arm and then continue this tutorial as normal.
Next, draw a little square around the middle of the plus. Don't make this very big; the bigger the square, the bigger the center of your shamrock will be.
Extend lines from the three arms that are going straight. These lines should all be the same length and should not touch. They will guide you in creating the leaves.
Connect the ends of the lines to the corners of the square using flowing curves.
Top off the leaves by connecting the ends of their lines using an "m" shape.
Finish the stem by drawing over the askew line with curves and a diagonal line on the end. This finishes your shamrock!