Drawing a Thick Square

This tutorial is for drawing a square as it appears as a symbol or part of a larger symbol, not for drawing rectangles or squares themselves. If that's what you want, then go to the tutorial for drawing rectangles.

As a symbol, the square is typically not filled in. So to draw one, you need to actually draw two squares to create an even outline. Basically, you're really making a frame.

Here's how to make a frame look even:
Begin the design by drawing a square.
Lightly connect the corners with diagonal lines. These will help set up the corners of the inside square.
Place a mark on one of the new lines where you want a corner of the inside square. It doesn't really matter which corner you start with, as long as it's far enough inside the outer square. The farther inside the mark, the thicker the frame.
Draw lines going straight vertically and horizontally from this point. Continue until you reach another diagonal line.
The places where those lines touched the diagonal line are where other corners of your inner square are located. Connect those points at the last diagonal line to finish the frame.