Drawing a Sun, Moon and Stars

This design involves measuring a lot of angles, but it's otherwise a walk in the park.

Here's all you need to do:
Start the design by drawing two circles a short distance apart.
Turn the left circle into a proper moon by adding an arc.
To make the sun, add little triangles around the right circle. Curve one or both sides of each triangle to make them look a bit more wavy.
Now the tricky part begins. Place a mark some distance to the right of your sun. Try to make it far enough away that you could fit the moon between it and the sun. Remember the distance from the center of the image to that mark: you'll be using this length a lot in the following steps.
Lightly make lines that length from the center of the design. Each line should be 30 away from the previous line, giving you a total of 12 lines.
Now we add the stars. To do this, draw a line 18 from the end of a line drawn in the last step.
Once you've done that, continue making lines just as long every 36. If done right, the tip of the star will line up with your original line.
Repeat until all 12 stars are drawn to finish the design.