Drawing an Anchor Cross

The anchor cross can be tricky if you’re not careful, but if you’ve practiced the Latin cross and circles enough, then you won’t have much trouble with this design. By and large, the hardest part is probably going to be getting the circles placed neatly on the stipe.

Here’s a method to handle this design:

To begin this design, lightly draw a Latin Cross to use as a base.
Now that we have a guide, let’s focus on the ring at the top of the anchor. Use the top corners of the stipe to create an X. This will help center the circles for you.
Draw four lines from the center of the X to make a plus. The longer these lines, the larger the circle will become, so try to make them roughly the width of the stipe.
Use the plus to guide you in making two circles.
Now for the anchor’s hook. To start this, place two marks on the stipe. Using the size of the crossbeam as a guide, one goes one step up and the other two steps up.
Add a horizontal line resting on the top mark. Don’t worry about the length: it just needs to be flat to keep your hook’s tips even.
Bring a line down from the end of each side of the crossbeam.
Connect the middle of the stipe’s bottom to the points where those last lines touched to make the bottom of the hook.
To finish the hook, draw curved lines from the tips of the hook to the lower mark on the stipe.
With the hook and circles done, your anchor cross is complete!

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