Drawing an Apple

Apples are really simple things to draw. In fact, it almost feels like including a tutorial for them is overkill, but sometimes it helps to have a method that lets you plan the size and position of things before you add any details.

So let’s draw an apple:

Illustration of step 1
Start by drawing a diamond with a triangle floating a little above the top point. Don’t bother making either shape perfect; they are just there to help you visualize where everything goes.
Illustration of step 2 Using loose J shaped curves, connect the points of the diamond. For best results, aim to make it look shaped like a heart.
Illustration of step 3 Add in the stem by drawing a distorted rectangle at the top of the diamond.
Illustration of step 4 Redraw the triangle as a comma shape to create the leaf.
Illustration of step 5 Tidy up the lines a little and you have a neatly drawn apple.
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