Drawing a Beehive

Drawing a beehive can be tricky. The major difficulty is getting the hive itself centered and the bees placed an equal distance around it.

Here’s a series of steps to handle this design:

Illustration of step 1
Draw a large box where the beehive will go.
Illustration of step 2 Connect the corners.
Illustration of step 3 Draw two lines from the top and left side of the box. These lines should start roughly 1/3rd of the way from the upper left corner and continue until they meet on the diagonal line.
Illustration of step 4 Extend lines right and down from the place where the lines meet. Continue these lines until they meet the other diagonal lines.
Illustration of step 5 Continue new lines from these points to make a square in the center of the big box.
Illustration of step 6 Make a rectangle at the bottom of the square. It should be thin and extend a little beyond the left and right sides.
Illustration of step 7 Draw a line going up from the rectangle’s center. This line should stop short of touching square’s top.
Illustration of step 8 Use the line you just made, the rectangle below and the inner square to create the outline of a dome.
Illustration of step 9 Lightly draw a series of horizontal lines across the dome.
Illustration of step 10 To finish the hive itself, use the lines to create bumps along the sides of the dome, then add a doorway in the center of the hive.
Illustration of step 11 Now to handle the bees. Start by drawing a line from the center of the design to a point somewhere between the hive and the outer box.
Illustration of step 12 Draw lines the same distance around in spokes. Try to make every spoke roughly 30° from the previous one, and leave out the bottommost spokes.
Illustration of step 13 To finish the design, add a bee at the end of every line.

Here’s all you need to do to handle the bees themselves:

Illustration of step 1 Draw a little oval, with the long ends resting on the line.
Illustration of step 2 Split the oval into thirds.
Illustration of step 3 Add loops on both sides to make the wings.
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