Drawing a Budded Cross

Like a few other cross designs, this is based on the Latin Cross. If you’ve mastered that cross, you’ll have an easy time drawing a budded cross. Of course, using a grid will just make things easier:

An example of making a budded cross using a grid

But, should you want to do this without a grid, here’s a method you can use:

Draw a vertical line where the center of the stipe will go.
Mark off the top and bottom 6ths.
Lightly draw in a Latin Cross using the area between the two marks. This keeps things in porportion.
Each bud is basically a square with three circles embedded in it. To start drawing a bud, make a square out of the end of each arm.
Add three circles around the edges of the square. They should be cut in half by the edge of the square they are positioned against.
Tidy up the lines a bit and you’ve completed your budded cross!
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