Drawing a Chi Cross

Symmertical designs like this are usually easy to draw, and this design is no exception.

One method for drawing a perfect Chi Cross is shown below. Another, possibly easier, method that works best on computers can be found here.

Lightly draw a circle inside a square. Be sure to include the plus from drawing the circle — you’ll be using the lines later.
Connect the corners of the square.
Place a mark a little to the sides of each of the plus’ tips. The farther apart your marks, the thicker the arms of your cross. Try to mark off the center third to keep things from getting too thick or thin.
Extend diagonal lines from where the diagonal lines made in step two meet the circle’s edges. These new diagonal lines should be roughly the same length as the lines marked off in step three.
Connect the midpoints of the lines created in the last two steps to the midpoints of the lines across from them. This forms most of the design.
To add your serifs, connect the ends of the lines to the base of the arm using a curve.
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