Drawing a Chi Rho Cross

There are many variants of this design, so check the page about symbols made with letters to see what other designs are possible. The design on this page is a simple square design instead of the more popular vertical design.

Here’s how to draw this design:

Start this design by drawing a Greek Cross with the arms being four units long instead of three.
Extend the top side of the topmost arm to the right. When you’re done the line should be three times its original length.
Make a square using this line as the top side.
Place a mark halfway down the square’s right side.
Divide the square into nine smaller squares — ie, a three by three group of squares.
Use the squares to help you make the rho’s loop. The mark you made in step 4 is where you put the loop’s farthest tip, and the center square is where the loop’s hole goes.
For a slightly prettier result, add serifs to the end of the arms.
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