Drawing a Circle

This tutorial is for drawing a circle as it appears as a symbol or part of a larger symbol, not for drawing circles in general. If that’s what you want, then go to the tutorial for drawing circles.

As a symbol, the circle is typically just a circular frame. So to draw one, you need to actually draw two circles to create an even outline.

Here’s a simple way to make this:

Illustration of step 1
As in the tutorial for drawing a circle, draw a large plus sign where you want your frame to go.
Illustration of step 2 Place a mark on each of the arms. Try to position the marks so they are all the same distance from the center of the plus sign. The farther down the arm the marks are, the thicker the frame will be.
Illustration of step 3 Use the ends of the plus sign to guide the outer circle and the marks on the arms to guide the inner circle.
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