Drawing a Cross of Triumph

This is a pretty easy design, as it’s basically a cross set on a ball. The only real trick is getting the bands on the ball lined up properly, but with a little preparation that problem virtually disappears.

Here’s how to draw the Cross of Triumph:

Normally, I’d suggest you draw a Latin Cross as described in that tutorial. However, this design is best done with a different approach. Start out by drawing a rectangle where the design goes. Try to make it two and a half times taller than it is wide.
Draw two lines to split the rectangle by marking off the central fifth.
Extend each side of the bottom line of the rectangle by about half of the length of the central fifth (or one tenth of the entire bottom side).
Form a large square using the new bottom line as a single side.
Things get simpler from here. You see how two fifths of the rectangle’s width is shown by the rectangles you just made? That distance tells us where the other lines go. The crossbeam starts that far down from the top of the rectangle, and it’s as tall as the central rectangle. So, for our next step, add the crossbeam.
Next, draw a similar pair of lines across the center of the square area at the bottom.
Add the circle by using the square as a guide.
To finish the details, make a border using the lines on the outside of the top three arms of the plus that has been created inside the circle.
And now your Cross of Triumph is complete!
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