Drawing an Eastern Orthodox Cross

This one is rather easy as it’s similar to, but not quite a Latin Cross. It does take more than the usual amount of space on a grid though:

An example of making an eastern orthodox cross using a grid

Not using a grid? No problem, just do this:

Start this design by making a Latin Cross that’s thinner than usual. One way to do this is to make the width of the stipe and height of the crossbeam roughly 3/4ths as long as the top segment.
Place marks to divide the topmost arm into thirds.
Make a square on each side of the middle third to form the extra crossbeam. Note the width of these squares — we’ll be using it in a moment.
To begin making the footrest, place a mark one square right and two squares up from the bottom right corner of the stipe.
Continue by placing another mark one square left and three squares up from the stipe’s bottom left corner.
Now add an additional mark one square above the two marks you just made in the last two steps.
Connect these four marks to finish the footrest and the design.
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