Drawing a fish

Fish are really easy to draw. Their natural flexibility makes it even easier.

Here’s how to draw a simple fish:

Illustration of step 1
Begin by drawing a curved line. One end of the line will be the fish’s nose, so point that end where you want your fish to be looking.
Illustration of step 2 Place a mark roughly 1/4 of the line’s length away from the end of the line that marks the fish’s nose.
Illustration of step 3 Extend lines perpendicularly from that mark. The longer these lines, the fatter the fish. A good length for these lines is about half of the distance from the tip of the original line to the mark.
Illustration of step 4 Extend similar lines from the other end of the original line. This will form the basis of the fish’s tail.
Illustration of step 5 Use all of the lines to guide you in making two S shapes. These will define the fish’s body.
Illustration of step 6 Add details, like the fins, eyes and gills to finish the fish.
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