Drawing a Fleuree Cross

It’s pretty easy to tell that this design is based on the Latin Cross, but there are a few extra steps you should take to ensure you’ve left enough room to include the buds. One solution is to use a grid:

An example of making a fleuree cross using a grid

But, if that doesn’t appeal to you, here’s one way to draw a Fleuree Cross without the grid:

Draw a vertical line where the center of the stipe will go.
Mark off the top and bottom 6ths of the line.
Now that you’ve left some room for the buds, draw a Latin Cross in the area between the two marks.
Mark off the halfway point on the lines sticking out of the stipe to make our next measurements easier.
Extend lines from the center of the crossbeam’s sides. These lines need to be roughly the half the length as the lines sticking out of the stipe.
Turn all of the extended lines into lopsided pluses by adding the appropriate lines. These new lines should be fairly long as we’ll be using another pair of lines to guide the creation of the outermost points of the bud.
Now, extend lines from the corners of the cross’ arms. Try to get these new lines going away from the arm at roughly 45

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