Drawing a Maltese Cross

The Maltese cross is a little unusual in that it doesn’t borrow from either basic crosses. Instead, it follows its own pattern, which ends up making this is good design to practice eyeballing measurements on. It’s a simple design to follow, and since its completely symmetrical you can easily see if you’ve made a mistake.

Here’s the steps to draw this design:

Begin this design by drawing a square. If you’re using a grid, make the square’s sides five grid squares wide, or 5×5. That’ll make the rest of this super easy.Mark the first and last fifth of each side. Again, if you used a grid, this step is easy-peasy.Split the square by drawing a plus inside of it. This will make it easy to find the exact center of the square and make it easier to position the marks in the next step.Place a mark on each of the plus’ arms. These need to at least one fourth of the arm’s length away from the far edge. The closer this mark is to the center of the plus, the thinner the arrowheads will be, and this design usually looks better when they are a little fat.Connect the marks on the square’s sides to the marks on the plus and to the center to complete the design.

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