Drawing a Marriage Cross

This design is fairly easy to work with, but getting the thickness of the circles correct can take some trial and error. Fortunately, if you’ve practiced the Latin Cross, you’re already a long way to making this design even easier.

It’s possible to use a grid to simplify things, but the location of the circles is still going to be a little tricky.

An example of making a marriage cross using a grid

Here’s how to draw the Marriage Cross without a grid:

First, get the cross in place. We can’t just use the Latin Cross tutorial verbatim here though, as the stipe won’t be quite long enough. So, begin by drawing a vertical line where the stipe goes.
Place a mark at the bottom sixth of the line.
Now you’re ready for the Latin Cross tutorial. Only use the top section of the line to make the cross.
Extend the stipe all of the way down to the base of the first line. This gives us enough room to add the circles.
Lightly add lines going straight down from each of the two side arms. These lines should start roughly 1/4th of the arm’s length from the stipe.
Mark off the top and bottom 8ths of these new lines. This creates a smaller pair of lines that are floating below the arms and above the bottom of the cross.
Turn each of the new lines into pluses, using the new segments created in the last step as your measurement. It’ll likely help to place a mark at the ends of the pluses’ arms.
Use the pluses to guide the creation of your circles.
Clean up your lines a little, and you’ve completed your Marriage Cross!
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