Drawing a set of nails

When Christ was crucified, He was pinned to the cross using three large nails. These nails have more in common with railroad spikes than the nails used for carpentry today, so when drawing them, you need to make them look more like stakes or spikes than your everyday nail.

While there are a total of three nails, it’s best to focus on them one at a time. This way you can rotate the page to make everything straight.

Here’s the simple steps to make a good looking nail:

Begin by drawing a straight line where you want the nail to go.
Draw a second line near the top, say the top ninth. Try to make it extend about the same amount on both sides of the line.
Top off the nail by adding another, smaller line on top.
Connect the ends of all of the lines to make most of the nail.
For better results, add a v-shaped indent on the bottom of the spike.
Clean up your lines and the nail is complete!
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