Drawing a Nativity Star

No picture of the manger or the three wise men is complete without the star high above! Fortunately, it’s an easy design to work with, as it’s just a 4 pointed star with a little embellishment.

Here’s how to turn a four pointed star into something a little fancier:

Illustration of step 1
As you’d expect, this design begins with the 4 pointed star design, so draw that first.
Illustration of step 2 Can you see the square created by the inner corners of the four arms? Make a note of the length of one side of that square, then draw diagonal lines roughly that long from the inner corners going out.
Illustration of step 3 Next, place marks right in the middle of square’s sides.
Illustration of step 4 Connect the ends of the lines to these marks to form the extra points.
Illustration of step 5 And you’ve made yourself a star worthy of guiding the Magi!

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