Drawing a Patriarchal Cross

This design is pretty straightforward; it’s basically your typical Latin Cross with a little tweaking. The main difference is that the crossbeam is a little farther down. For those of you working off of a grid, this is another easy design to make:

An example of making a patriarchal cross using a grid

For everyone else, here’s how to draw this cross without using a grid:

First things first; set up your stipe as instructed in the basic cross tutorial. This will put everything in place for the next few steps.
Make a square out of the top of the stipe. For easy reference, the topmost mark will rest on the square’s bottom side.
To make the top beam, add an identical square on both sides of the stipe.
The crossbeam itself is a little tricker to add. Draw a horizontal line across the center mark. Not counting the area within the stipe, this should stick out twice as far as the squares you just drew.
To draw the sides of the crossbeam, start at the ends of the last line you drew and draw a vertical line that’s the same height as one of the squares.
Connect those ends and you’ve completed your Patriarchal Cross!
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