Drawing a Pitcher and Basin

The basin itself is probably one of the easiest things you can draw, so focus on the pitcher.

Here’s how to draw this symbol:

To begin, draw an upright oval. The thinner the oval, the thinner the pitcher, so try to make it a little over half as wide as it is tall.
Draw two lines: one floating a little ways above the oval and one right under the oval. Both lines should be about as wide as the oval itself.
Using smooth curves, connect the ends of the floating line to points somewhere on the top half of the oval. This forms the spout, so one end needs to be a sharper curve and connect to the oval at a higher point than the other.
Next, make the pitcher’s bottom by connecting the bottom line to the oval with diagonal lines.
To finish the pitcher, use two curves to make the handle. Try for a crescent moon shape or if you want to be fancy, a backwards S.
To finish the design, add the basin by drawing a rounded trapezoid near the bottom of the pitcher.
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