Drawing a Purse and Coins

The hardest part about this design is getting the bag of money (ie, the purse) to look like a tied bag. Placing the coins is the easiest part.

Here’s the steps to draw the purse:

To start, an upside down trapezoid. The wider the trapezoid, the wider the money bag.
Draw a line going straight up from the center of the top side of the trapezoid. This line should be between two to four times the height of the trapezoid; the taller the line, the thinner the bag.
Connect the ends of the trapezoid to the end of the line with straight lines. These lines will guide you in creating the sides of the bag.
Now place a small rectangle on the top of the triangle formed by the lines and the top of the trapezoid. This rectangle goes inside the triangle a little, as if pierced by it.
To finish the layout steps, add another upside down trapezoid on top of the rectangle. This trapezoid should be a thinner than the first one, but not smaller than the rectangle.
Loosely trace over the layout to make a rounded bag that’s been tied shut. When you trace the top trapezoid’s top side, make three bumps instead of a straight line to make it look like loose folds of fabric.
Add two straps to one side of the shape created from the rectangle to finish the bag’s design.

Adding the coins can be a lot more painstaking. If you don’t want to be a stickler for accuracy, here’s a simpler way to do it:

Draw a large circle around the purse.
Draw a bunch of coins on the top half of the circle. Note that you’ll get a better result if you go around the circle in one direction.

If you want to be a perfectionist about it, try this (preferably on a computer):

Draw a straight line going upwards from the center of the purse.
Now add another line just as long 3.5

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