Drawing a ray halo

This design is simple enough, but get a protractor ready if you’re drawing this one by hand. It will look best if all of the lines are at the same angle from each other.

Here’s how to draw a ray halo:

Complete the steps to drawing a basic halo. Draw everything lightly enough so that you can clean it up later.
Illustration of step 2 Take a moment to figure out how many rays you want and work out the angle you need to use to draw them. For example, 16 rays work out to an angle of 22.5° ( 360 divided by 16 is 22.5 ). When you drew the set up for the halo, you drew a vertical line going from the center of the head upwards. This line is the first ray and thus represents 0°.
Illustration of step 3 Work your way around the design, adding a new line every so many degrees. The lines start in the center of the head and end at the circle. Just remember that the lines are behind the figure as you go.

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