Drawing a Shell and Droplets

Drawing a shell can be difficult; the main trick is to try to keep everything proportioned properly.

Here’s how to draw a shell with droplets:

Begin with a little trapezoid that’s pointing downwards.
Now add a larger trapezoid pointing upwards underneath the first one. Ideally it should be almost twice as high and a little less than twice as wide as the first one.
Divide the bottom line into fourths to make the next step easier.
Trace over the trapezoids loosely to form the shell itself. Instead of making a solid line out of the bottom of the second trapezoid, use arcs to make four bumps.
If you want a little extra detail, add three lines between the bumps’ corners and the first trapezoid’s bottom. Don’t connect these lines to anything; just have them floating in the shell.
Lastly add three teardrops below the shell to finish the design. The drop in the middle should be farther down than the other two for best results.
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