Drawing a torch

Good old fashioned torches are really quite simple. The only trick to them is getting them proportioned and centered properly.

Here’s how to draw a burning torch:

Start by lightly drawing a rectangle that’s about three times higher than it is wide.Draw a line across the rectangle so that you make the top third a square.Divide the bottom rectangle in two by drawing a line down its center. This line will help you gauge how well you’ve centered the rest of the image.Add two rectangles centered on the line you just drew. The first rectangle shares its top line with the bottom side of the square, while the second rectangle should be about three fourths of the way further down. The higher rectangle should be narrower than the square and the lower rectangle should be narrower still.Add a small square at the bottom of the design. For better results, try to make the square’s sides one fifth of the whole design.Connect the corners of the two rectangles and this last square to finish the tricky part of the layout.To light your torch, draw a flame in the top square. Try to position the lopsided S so that the lower tip is at the center of the square’s bottom side.Loosely trace the layout to complete the design. Generally speaking, it will look better if the flame appears to be floating over the torch itself, but that choice is up to you.

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