Drawing a Triquetra

How to draw a triquetra will be considered in this article in 2 versions! The triquetra symbol is an old surface pattern, a lot of commonly located in Celtic Knotwork Art. It’s an equal sign based upon three interlaced arcs and also is also referred to as a trinity knot.

On a side note, you might have noticed that the triquetra is seen in the center of a trefoil, and if so you’re not going to be very surprised to hear that the easiest means of handling a triquetra is almost the same as the method of drawing a trefoil using a triangle.

Despite it traditionally has no actual meaning, many individuals give it value as well as think it represents (to name a few beliefs).There are numerous strategies for attracting a triquetra as well as this takes place to be my favourite one.

This method does take the longest out of all that I have personally tried, as it takes quite a bit of drafting. However it is additionally one of the most accurate and also the most fun for a geometry nerd such as your own absolutely! Follow my channel to see the dots and also freehand techniques coming quickly!

Here’s a simple way to draw this difficult design:

Drawing a Triquetra (1 option)

How to draw a triquetra

These directions are attracted pen so you can see them much better, yet REMEMBER: actions 1-4 are done in pencil. These lines act as your string, although you don’t make use of them or approximately them. Read on, you’ll see.
Don’t be frail with the arcs. They require to swoop in the direction of the third dot. This will provide you with a great little triangular in the facility.
Tip 5 is when you start utilizing ink. The short ink lines are to show on your own what reviews and what goes under. I’ve drawn them bolder. The lines you draw later on to link every little thing are in populated red.
Action 6 reveals the triquetra with the pencil string in the middle of the lines. Now you can begin decorating!
You can see my straightforward triquetra posts right here as well as below.

How to draw a triquetra

How to draw a triquetra (2 option)

How to draw a triquetra

One of the brightest, most famous symbols in the culture of ancient Ireland is the tricvetre. Traditionally, it is considered the symbol of the sea god Manannan, who lives in the country of eternal youth – Emain Ablah. Using this example, we will learn how to draw a Celtic knot in stages.
We first outline a standard form – a triangle.

How to draw a triquetra
We write three petals into it. The edges of the leaves will coincide with the vertices of the triangle.

How to draw a triquetra

Inside the petals – the same petals, but smaller.

How to draw a triquetra
Then enter the circle in the triangle. Or rather, two rings. The result will be a hoop with a small thickness.

How to draw a triquetra
Carefully draw the contours and remove all the excess. The petals and the circle should be intertwined – carefully look at how this is done in the figure.

How to draw a triquetra
Then lay the shadows at the intersection of the lines.

How to draw a triquetra
Now tricvetre is entirely ready.

We draw the Celtic knot – the step-by-step instruction(3 option)

How to draw a triquetra

The image of interlacings is tough, but also exciting work. So it is worthwhile to sort out in detail what a Celtic knot is, how to draw this figure step by step, and what you should pay attention to.
First, draw a dotted line with two squares – internal and external. For this purpose, it is better to take a notebook in the box – so the scheme will be observed precisely.

How to draw a triquetra
From the outer line at the top diagonally, it is necessary to draw a long line to the center, and a short range downwards.

How to draw a triquetra
Then draw the next layer of “pigtails” towards the center.

How to draw a triquetra
And one more layer.

How to draw a triquetra
At the final stage, the “pigtail” should converge in the center.

That’s it; we’re done – the square Celtic pattern is ready.


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