Drawing a Calvary Cross

A Calvary Cross is simply a Latin Cross placed upon a few steps, which makes it an extremely easy design to make. In fact, if you’re using a grid, this becomes a simple case of following a pattern:

An example of making a calvary cross using a grid

Here’s an easy way to draw a Calvary Cross without a grid to aid you:

First things first; draw a vertical line where the cross and steps go.
Place a mark on the line between 1/4th and 1/3rd of the way up from the bottom. This will ensure you have enough room to make the steps.
Now draw a Latin cross using the top section of the line as the first step.
Once that is done, lightly bring down a line from each side of the crossbeam until they are the same length as the first line you drew.
Mark off the step area using the mark and the bottom of the first line to position the top and bottom of a box.
Split the box into thirds vertically, and then split the two areas under the arms into thirds as well. This produces a slightly deformed 3×3 grid on both sides of the stipe.
Just keep the lines you want and you’ve finished the Calvary cross!
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