Sakura Tree Drawings Step by Step

Sakura Tree Drawings will be told in this article! Sakura belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants, to the Cream subfamily. Therefore, it is often called a plum, but this is incorrect. This group of shrubs that bloom in early spring is more correctly classified as “fine-serrate cherry.” However, unlike her “Russian sister”, she does not bear fruit. Usually, it is decorated with pink or white flowers, but this is also the case when the tree is covered with red and green tints.

The Japanese love for Sakura began with the plum imported from China in the 3rd century at the imperial court during the Heian era, when the aristocracy spent a long time among the flowering trees, having fun and relaxing. During that period, the most educated part of them began to observe the flowering of the mountain plum, connecting this natural phenomenon with their own lives. For Japanese farmers, the beginning of flowering meant it was time to plant rice. And they also accepted the message of the Japanese nobility. This is how the hanami or “flower watching” tradition was born.

Later, this event was described in the legend of Sakura, which said that human life is stormy and beautiful but very fleeting, like flowering. Later, the plum was replaced by Japanese cherry.

Drawing a sakura tree is always unusual and inspiring to develop! Sakura blooms from a week to 10 days. On the southern Japanese islands, Sakura begins to bloom in February in the central part of the country, including Tokyo, at the end of March, but in Hokkaido, only at the beginning of May. It is possible to observe this flowering of nature for two months while moving around Japan. However, many citizens of the island nation choose to stop their lives for a few days at a certain period. Local media actively remind them of the upcoming holiday.

Since the end of winter, Japanese television has produced endless reports about hanami. Millions of tourists worldwide follow the news, filling the country with their presence during this period. The most successful ones even manage to see the sacred Mount Fuji through the branches of cherry blossoms, which evokes unforgettable emotions.

Just as in 1598, when the Hanami holiday was given official state status by military leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi, modern Japanese use this opportunity to feel the frailty of human life and simply relax. Japan is infected with workaholism. Here, people die from overwork, abandon their families and children, and all to fulfill their duty to their state. Hanami is an opportunity to take a breath without feeling guilty. Therefore, saving the lives of their fellow citizens, Japanese magazines also began to report on the beginning of flowering of other plants growing in Japan, from lilies of the valley to tulips. But more is needed.

Let’s start drawing the Sakura tree immediately!

Sakura Tree Drawings Easy

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 1

We outline the Japanese tree from the base. Draw a horizontal line and finish the tree trunk at the top.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 2

We mark the tree’s broad trunk and main branches as simple lines. At the bottom, we add the outline of the roots.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 3

Draw each branch and tree trunk in detail, creating smooth lines.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 4
At the top, outline the tree blossom in arc-shaped lines. Outside the outline, add small flowers in the air.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 5

Outline the cherry blossom tree with a black marker, to get an outline.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 6

Paint the tree trunk and its main branches with a brown pencil.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 7

Let’s add a pink color to the drawing for the blossoms. Additionally, you can use a richer tone to create volume on the elements.

Sakura Tree Drawings

Step 8
When finished, use a white pen to draw highlights. We get a finished drawing of a cherry Sakura tree.

Sakura Tree Drawings

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