T Shirt Drawing

T Shirt Drawing Step by Step

A hundred years ago, wearing a T-shirt outside the house was considered a mauve’s, but today, it is impossible to imagine either men’s or women’s closet without it. How the T-shirt became fashionable – our historical excursion. Today, the T-shirt is the most universal and democratic closet item. Although dictionaries …

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Potion Drawing

Potion Drawing Step by Step

Potions practically existed in all times: ancient times, ancient times, medieval times, and new times. In literature, there are echoes of the history of potions. In many ancient sources, there are references to magic potions ointments; an example is Medea, daughter of the king of Colchis Eetes and Oceanides Idia; …

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How to Draw a Lynx

How to Draw a Lynx Step by Step

Lynx is one of the cat family’s most exciting and beautiful representatives. The animal is listed in the country’s Red Book under the first category. This means that the animal is in danger of complete extinction due to the large-scale destruction of this magnificent species. Appearance In terms of size, …

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Bell Flower Drawing

Bell Flower Drawing Step by Step

Bell flower drawing will be described in this article! The Latin name of the genus Campanula from the family Campanuloideae means the same as in Latin- “Bell.” The shape of the flower speaks for itself. The genus unites 440 species of perennial and rarely annual plants, of which about 40 …

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How to Draw a Camel

How to Draw a Camel Step by Step

How to draw a camel will be told in this article! The camel is a one or two-humped mammal called the “ship of the desert”! In dry periods without water, he “eats” fat from his humps and thus feels great in the desert! Those who have tried to ride this …

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How to draw Pokemon Pikachu

How to draw Pokemon Pikachu Step by Step

Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon of all. At the mention of the word “Pokemon,” we immediately think of the yellow baby from anime. We have prepared a step-by-step lesson on how to draw the Pokemon Pikachu for adults, teens, and kids. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional …

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How to Draw a Duck

How to Draw a Duck Step by Step

This article will describe how to Draw a Duck! The duck family is the most numerous family of waterfowl. There are more than 150 species of birds, which are subdivided into 40 genera. Humans domesticated birds of the duck family (goose, duck) in ancient times. Birds remain essential in agriculture; …

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Sakura Tree Drawings

Sakura Tree Drawings Step by Step

Sakura Tree Drawings will be told in this article! Sakura belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants, to the Cream subfamily. Therefore, it is often called a plum, but this is incorrect. This group of shrubs that bloom in early spring is more correctly classified as “fine-serrate cherry.” However, unlike …

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Bell Drawing

Bell Drawing Step by Step

Bell Drawing will tell you about it in this article! A bell is a percussive musical and signalling instrument cast from metal. It consists of a hollow dome, the sound source, and a movable tongue suspended along the axis of the dome, producing a resonant strike. The sound of a …

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Drawing Old Freddy Fnaf

Drawing Old Freddy Fnaf Step by Step

Drawing Old Freddy Fnaf will be described in this article! There is a scarce species of bear called grizzly bear. During the Great Geographical Discoveries, the British came to North America several centuries ago. There, they met an unusual bear whose fur was completely gray. That’s why it got its …

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