Light Bulb Drawing

Light Bulb Drawing Step by Step

Light Bulb Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! During the same period that Thomas Edison began developing light bulbs, they obtained a patent. After this, he became known as the “father” of the first electric light bulbs. But it is impossible to say precisely who made this …

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Raccoon Drawing

Raccoon Drawing Step by Step

Raccoon Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! The raccoon is a bear; some even refer to it as a pet dog. Nonetheless, this is inaccurate info. Indeed, a raccoon is a killer that comes from the raccoon household. As well as consequently, a raccoon is a raccoon. …

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otter drawing

Otters Drawing Step by Step

Otters Drawing in 2 variants will be explained in this article! Otters are unique, cute, and playful creatures with a distinctive appearance typical of animals that spend much time in the water. In addition, they are also intelligent animals that can be trained to perform various tricks. These animals have …

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how to draw a face girl

How To Draw a Face Girl Step by Step

How To Draw a Face Girl in 2 variants will tell in this article! From the point of view of biology, a woman is a girl endowed by nature with a body structure designed for childbearing and breastfeeding. This definition encapsulates the fundamental difference between a girl, a girl, a …

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Couch Drawing

Couch Drawing Step by Step

Couch drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! All modern furniture is the fruit of a long evolution, where forms and functionality have changed. Similarly, the history of the appearance of the couch is fascinating and complex. The first similar furniture appeared in Ancient Rome, where it was …

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Scarf Drawing

Scarf Drawing Step by Step

Scarf Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! In a genuinely fashionable image, there are no unnecessary details, and even more so if this image belongs to the winter category. Everything in it is thought out; in fact, even the slightest nuances are taken into account, allowing, on …

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Backpack Drawing

Backpack Drawing Step by Step

Backpack Drawing in 2 variants will be described in this article! A backpack has long been a favorite closet item for both women and men. This is due to its versatility and convenience. It allows you to feel comfortable and not occupy your hands, which is essential in today’s hectic …

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Narwhal Drawing Step by Step

Narwhal Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! In the cold waters of the Arctic, an exciting sea animal can rightfully be the hero of another fairy tale about unicorns. This creature is called a narwhal. It is a toothed whale with a growing horn in the form …

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Fox Drawing

Fox Drawing Step by Step

Fox is a class of predatory mammals and belongs to the canine family, being a close relative of wolves and dogs. They are small in size, their height does not exceed 50 cm, and their weight ranges from 6 to 10 kg. The fox has a beautiful, striking appearance. These …

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Whale Drawing

Whale Drawing Step by Step

Whale Drawing in 3 variants will be written in this article! Whales are mammals that live underwater. The animal is gigantic and is considered to be the largest of all creatures living on Earth. It is of great interest to scientists, and underwater inhabitants try to avoid it. The whale …

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