Maple Leaf Drawing

Maple Leaf Drawing Step by Step

Maple leaf drawing in 3 variants will be described in this article! The maple leaf is a national symbol of Canada. But maple is a tree valued primarily for its wood. Its different species differ in appearance, properties, and range of distribution. The genus Acer is a member of the …

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Draw Tulip Flower

Draw Tulip Flower Step by Step

Draw Tulip Flower in 2 variants will be described in this article! Tulip L., family Liliaceae, has about 140 species and at least 3000-4000 varieties and forms. They are herbaceous perennial spring ephemerides with a short growing season. Tulips are plants of hot countries with dry climates, frost, and drought …

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Coral Reef Drawing

Coral Reef Drawing Step by Step

Coral Reef Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! Coral reefs are calcareous organogenic geological frameworks. They are mainly made up of reefs, which tiny invertebrate marine animals create. An individual coral reef, called a polyp, is cylindrical with an exoskeleton. The exoskeletons offer each polyp a rock-like …

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Chain Drawing

Chain Drawing Step by Step

Chain Drawing in 3 variants will be described in this article! We are immersed in a world of fantasy and reverie, an intertwining of mysterious lines and symbols. Straight lines fly in front of us with the speed of lightning, spatial piles rise like blocks, in which there is neither …

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Skateboard Drawing

Skateboard Drawing Step by Step

Skateboard Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! The first information about skateboards existed in 1922. Skateboarding as a cultural phenomenon originated in the United States in the state of California. At that time, the first line of popularity was surfing. Surf store owner Bill Richard noticed that …

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Lantern Drawing

Lantern Drawing Step by Step

Lantern drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! History of the development of street lighting first mention goes back to 1417 in London on the instructions of the mayor posted the first street lamps; in the early 16th century in Paris, the inhabitants of the city were obliged …

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Wine Glass Drawing

Wine Glass Drawing Step by Step

Wine Glass Drawing in 2 variants will be told in this article! The shape of the glass is not a whim of the glass manufacturer but the result of a long search for the magic balance that will allow the wine to show itself in all its glory. Different wine …

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Tractor Drawing

Tractor Drawing Step by Step

Tractor Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! A tractor is a straightforward machine that pulls some load. However, it is a high-tech product, without which it is impossible to imagine working in many industries. Tractors are used in various applications: from utilities and road construction to forestry …

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How To Draw a Bus

How To Draw a Bus Step by Step

How to draw a bus in 2 variants will tell in this article! The name bus itself is derived from the abbreviation of the word combination omnibus car. The word omnibus, in turn, comes from the Latin omnibus – “all.” The history of this vehicle, which transports millions of people …

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Starfish Drawing

Starfish Drawing Step by Step

Starfish Drawing in 4 variants will tell in this article! Starfish are animals with unusual body shapes and various colors, which immediately attract the attention of explorers of the starfish. Rare photos of oceanic beauties often go without these creatures, ranging in size from 2 cm to 1 m. Their …

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