Wolf Drawing

Wolf Drawing Step by Step

Wolf Drawing in 2 variants will be told in this article! Wolves are a group of predatory mammals and belong to the family of the Dogidae. They belong to the genus wolves, which also includes jackals and coyotes. Most representatives of the wolf family are giant animals; their growth reaches …

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pit bull drawing

Pit Bull Drawing Step by Step

Pit Bull (or Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Pitdog, Yankee Terrier) is an American working dog breed of broad specialization. In the past times it was used for dog fighting, bear hunting and guarding the owner. Nowadays, it serves in the police and customs, and with proper training, it …

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Snake Drawing

Snake Drawing Step by Step

Snake Drawing in 3 ways will be described in this article! Snakes are a fairly common species of reptiles, living almost all over the Earth. Regardless of the conditions, there is a high probability of meeting the animal in nature. The only exceptions are Antarctica, New Zealand, and Ireland. Cold-blooded …

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Sunflower Drawing

Sunflower Drawing Step by Step

Sunflower Drawing in 2 ways will be described in this article! Sunflower is the “flower of the sun”! This fantastic, world-famous, ancient plant appeared in South America in 3000 BC. Having moved to Europe centuries later, it amazed the Spaniards with its sun-like golden inflorescence, which surprisingly always turns following …

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How To Draw Onion

How To Draw Onion Step by Step

How to draw onion in 2 ways will be described in this article! Onion is a plant known to humanity for more than 5 thousand years. The vegetable is used in all cuisines of the world. The description of its usefulness occupies entire volumes of medical books. There are 400 …

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Bunny Drawing

Bunny Drawing Step by Step

Bunny Drawing two variants will be explained in this article! The bunny belongs to the Hare family and the class of mammals. The animals are considered native to Spain, from where they were brought to Italy by Roman legionaries. After that, the fantastic animals began to inhabit all over the …

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Penguin Drawing

Penguin Drawing Step by Step

Penguin Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! Penguins are surprised not only by their prominent coloration but also by their behavior. So how do these birds live in the wild, and what exciting things can we learn about them? The penguin is a bird with a very …

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Pig Drawing

Pig Drawing Step by Step

Pig Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! The pig is an animal of the mammalian class, part-human order, suborder Ruminant, family Suidae. Most likely, the pig received its name for its exceptional fecundity. Respected scientists believe that the Latin name is derived from the ancient word sinus, …

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How To Draw a Bush Easy

How To Draw a Bush Step by Step

How To Draw a Bush in 2 variants will tell in this article! A Bush is a perennial plant with woody stems without a central stem. The number of stems varies from a few to many. The stems change throughout their lives, usually with branches of different ages on the …

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owl drawing

Owl Drawing Step by Step

Owl Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! Owls have a memorable appearance and lead an unusual way of life, containing many features. Scientists have long been well-studied owls and entirely depicted these animals. Origin: The first owls appeared about 65 million years ago, during the Eocene. However, …

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