How to draw eyelashes Step by Step

Drawing eyelashes can be particularly severe, using hundreds of lines with slight variations. Eyes are one of the most particular and full areas of the face. As forever, your best arms for this mission are close inspection and plenty of practice.

Nowadays, I’m going to demonstrate to you how to draw eyelashes and also how not to draw them. The plan of this lesson will be: examples with explanations and then request in step by step format. An eyelash does not require to be drawn in one stroke. If you have problem drawing eyelashes with single strokes, use a sharp H pencil to plan out the shape of the lash lightly and then follow that teaching using a mechanical pen with darker lead.

The constituent elements of the eye.

1. The third eyelid (small bump in the inner corner of the eye).
2. The edge of the upper eyelid is the movable part of the skin that protects the eyeball.
3. Glare.
4. Upper lashes – thin hairs that grow from the outer edge of the upper eyelid.
5. The outer corner is the place where the sides of the outer upper and lower eyelids meet.
6. The white of the eye is the visible part of the eyeball.
7. Iris – around piece of the eyeball surrounding the pupil, iris.
8. The pupil is a dark round shape within the iris.
9. The edge of the lower eyelid – part of the folds of the skin that protects the lower part of the eyeball.
10. Lower eyelashes – thin hairs that grow from the outer edges of the lower eyelid.

How to draw eyelashes

Eye drawing tutorial

How to draw eyelashes

In the first stages of drawing, try to apply very light lines, so that you can erase them later. At the bottom of the image, you are presented with pictures darker than they are. The edges are darkened using Photoshop so that you can see them better.
1) Lightly sketch the shape of the eye.
The double line at the top and bottom shows the skin thickness of the edges of the upper and lower eyelids.
How to draw eyelashes
Do not forget to draw the round shape of the inner corner of the eye.
If your sketch is too dark, carefully rub the eraser along the lines.
2) Use a 2H pencil to draw several eyelashes on the outer edges of the upper and lower eyelids.

How to draw eyelashes
3) Add a few dark eyelashes of various lengths (pencil 2B) around the outer corner of the eye.

How to draw eyelashes
4) Use a 2B pencil to draw some thick lines still. Eyelashes will now be very thick.

How to draw eyelashes
5) Outline the iris, pupil and highlight. The light source is on the left.

How to draw eyelashes
Drawing a realistic, correct circle requires reasonable effort on your part. Try turning the paper and looking at your drawing from other angles. This little trick often leads to an understanding of the problem areas when drawing. Look at the reflection in the mirror of your iris, and it will help you figure out how to draw it correctly.

6) Dim a little iris and pupil. Use pencil 2B for shading the iris, and 6B for the pupil. Notice that the iris is darker around the perimeter (that is, its edge) and under the upper eyelid, which casts a shadow on it; several small dark lines emerge from the pupil.

How to draw eyelashes
7) Shade the white of the eye, especially near the edge of the upper and lower eyelids towards the inner corner. Fill in some thin, light lines on the squirrel near the inner corner, imitating small blood vessels – capillaries.

How to draw eyelashes

How you should not draw eyelashes

The lower figure shows unnaturally looking eyelashes, their size and thickness at the root, the same as on the tip. These thick curved lines are not at all like natural eyelashes.

How to draw eyelashes
Below you can see the natural forms of the eyelashes – they are thick at the root and thin at the tip.

How to draw eyelashes
Below you can see the main mistakes when drawing the eyelashes – they are either too thick, or too straight, or too long.

How to draw eyelashes

Correctly drawning eyelashes

Flexible, smooth lines make eyelashes more natural and realistic. There is a pretty simple technique for drawing them correctly.
Take the paper and pencil (2B). See the next image, try painting the same eyelashes.
1. Start with the base (root) of the eyelashes and at the same time push more on your pencil.
2. Gradually reduce the pressure on the pen, and your smooth, slightly curved line will become thinner compared to what it was at the root.
Realistic eyelashes look like inverted commas – thick at the bottom and thin at the top.
3. Slowly and easily tear your pencil off the paper when you finish drawing a line.

How to draw eyelashes
Below you can see four images of eyes with eyelashes of different lengths, which are presented from different angles.

How to draw eyelashes

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