Bell Drawing Step by Step

Bell Drawing will tell you about it in this article! A bell is a percussive musical and signalling instrument cast from metal. It consists of a hollow dome, the sound source, and a movable tongue suspended along the axis of the dome, producing a resonant strike.

The sound of a bell depends on its shape (profile), the composition of the metal from which it is cast, and its weight. As a rule, the heavier the bell, the lower and thicker the sound it can give birth to. In addition to church bells, bells have been used since ancient times as a signalling instrument on ships – such a bell is called a market. Bells formed the basis of the carillon, a musical instrument, and chimes, a tower clock with a chime. Finally, the Veche bell in the olden days summoned people to the square to solve critical public issues.

Campanian bells are named after the Roman province of Campania, where copper was mined for casting bells. Bells have been summoning people to temples for prayer since ancient times. According to legend, they were invented by St. Pauline, Bishop of Nolan, who remains in history as St. Pauline the Merciful. One day, this righteous man had a marvellous dream: it was as if the flowers of the bells, swaying, were emitting a melodious ringing. Upon awakening, the saint ordered the bells to be cast for his temple. It happened on Christmas Day in the 4th century. However, there were small bells in China as early as the XXIII – XVII centuries BC.

Bell Drawing is a fun and exciting activity! The bell is like a human being. It has a body and a tongue. A bell’s body (body) has its parts: lip, shaft, pitch, head, head, pan, ears, mast and Crown. The shape of the bell is called the profile. It consists of the outer and inner surfaces.

The Crown of the bell – the topmost part of the bell, by which the bell is suspended, consists of a crown with a hole at the top and ears, which can be 4, 6 or 8 – the heavier the bell, the more of them. The frying pan is the round, thickened base of the Crown. Underneath it is the head. It, in turn, consists of shoulders and two tiers of girdles. Below the girdles are the fields, and another girdle and shaft are below them.

The lower part of the bell is the Guba, separated from the shaft by a girdle. The belts on the bell are usually decorated with ornaments and inscriptions. The margins may have icons or texts in medallions.
The tongue of the bell is movably fixed inside it. It has a rounded thickening at the end, which strikes the wall of the bell. When hanging bells, their tongues are often pulled up to one of the walls so that the bell ringer does not have to swing the tongue completely every time. This is especially true for large bells with massive tongues.

Let’s get to bell drawing immediately!

Bell Drawing Easy

Bell Drawing

Step 1

Draw two diagonal lines intersecting almost in the centre

Bell Drawing

Step 2

Draw the upper part of these lines in the form of a dome.

Bell Drawing

Step 3

Shape the bottom part of the bell as the bottom.

Bell Drawing

Step 4

Remove excess lines and draw the so-called “tongue” of the bell.

Bell Drawing

Step 5

Draw a hook for the bow of the bell

Bell Drawing

Step 6

Draw the first part of the bell bow

Bell Drawing

Step 7

Draw the bases of the bell bow

Bell Drawing

Step 8

Shape the almost completed bell bow

Bell Drawing

Step 9

Draw our bow

Bell Drawing

Step 10

Colour our bell

Bell Drawing

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