Cactus drawing Step by Step

Drawing a cactus is a beautiful activity. The main thing is to follow our recommendations, and you will succeed! How to draw a cactus in 5 options will be described in this article! Any person can depict a flower; for this, it is enough to divide the drawing into simple figures: a circle, a straight line, a curve, a cylinder, an ellipse, etc.

Using this approach, drawing a cactus will be quite easy. Some types of cactus contain a fluid that is beneficial to the body.

The cactus absorbs maximum moisture and then grows quietly in the desert, without requiring a lot of water. This article will show and explain how to draw a cactus.

Cactus drawing ( option 1)

cactus drawing

The foundation
Draw an oval elongated horizontally.
cactus drawing
Draw two slightly curved lines down and connect them with a vertical line. The top of the pot will be obtained.
cactus drawing
Bottom part
Swipe down two lines, tilting them at a slight angle. Connect.
cactus drawing
We begin the “planting” of the cactus. We draw a large circle, part of which intersects with the pot. Draw a shape with a compass.
cactus drawing
Extra lines
Gently erase the edges of the circle that intersect with the pot.
cactus drawing
Cactus is not perfectly smooth. On it, there are recesses similar to furrows.
Deepenings Draw on the other side of the plant.
cactus drawing
Our cactus will bloom, so we begin to draw a petal.

cactus drawing
Flower Draw the petals in a circle.

cactus drawing
Flower They must be five.

cactus drawing
Flower When done, draw another ball of petals.
cactus drawing
Big thorns
It’s time to decorate the cactus with spines.
No need to download any bots!
cactus drawing
Small thorns
Decorate the rest of the lines with short spines.
Cactus drawing
Additional lines
The last detail is two other vertical lines on the cactus. Now the picture can be considered complete.
Cactus drawing
Color the cactus with any shade of green. Other details can be painted at your discretion.

cactus drawing

How to draw a cactus easy ( option 2)

how to draw a cactus
How can a child draw a cactus? Very simple! Let’s look at this example.
On a piece of paper with a black marker draw an elongated vertical oval with the lower end cut off – this will be the central figure. Along its left edge, draw another such, already reduced outline, extending from the lower third at a slight angle. Draw the same construction on the right side, slightly higher than the left. Paint the flower green.
how to draw a cactus
Draw two horizontal lines inside the stem of the plant and two along the inside of the processes. The edges should run at equal distances from each other and the contours of the plant. With small strokes, about two centimeters each, indicate the thorns.
how to draw a cactusDraw three small flowers – one on the trunk and two on the processes. Paint them with a red marker. Flowers are depicted in the form of several droplet-shaped figures, converging with thin edges to each other.

how to draw a cactus

How to color a cactus drawing (option 3)

how to draw a cactus
We continue to learn to draw a cactus with a pencil.
In the center of the sheet, draw with a pencil something in between the rectangle and the oval. On the sides of it are drop-shaped processes, each of which has a pair of small operations.

how to draw a cactus
Draw vertical lines throughout the flower. Small, frequent strokes indicate the spines on the trunk and processes.

how to draw a cactus
Color the picture. With dark green and light green color give the plant volume, and at the base, it is barely possible to designate the soil with bright brown shades.

how to draw a cactus

How to draw a cactus simple ( option 4)

how to draw a cactus

Exactly how to attract a cactus in stages in 7 steps.

1 Map out. At the end of the sheet, draw a rounded line for the top of the pot, then include two short lines for the sides. Draw a rounded shape for one cactus.
Behind it include a rough rectangular shape for a new cactus. Include a long, slim oval for the third cactus

1 Map out.
2. Growths and a pot.
How to draw a cactus
End up attracting the pot with curved lines. Attract many oval branches on the left cactus. On a central cactus, draw a circle to show the placement of the blossom.
3. Leaves.
How to draw a cactus
Attract the leaves on a tall cactus utilizing a drop shape and a heart shape. Draw ridges inside the central cactus using vertical lines. A program that cacti are in the ground by drawing wavy lines in a pot
4. Spines, as well as ridges.
How to draw a cactus
On the left cactus, drawbacks in the form of short lines. On the main cactus, draw groups of lengthy lines along the ridges. Draw ridges on a high cactus with wavy lines
5. Pot, contours.
How to draw a cactus
Redraw the contours of the three cacti. Redraw the pot by adding the sides of the edge
6. Flower.
How to draw a cactus
In a circle, draw a flower with four flowers in wavy lines. Behind them, attract more petals with added curved lines. In the facility of the flower attract a tiny circle; from the fixate, the petals show short lines. On the fallen leaves of a tall cactus, draw blood vessels. Simply put lines, draw a shadow on the ground.

7. Blackout

how to draw a cactus

Cactus flower drawing (option5)

how to draw a cactus

We draw the most straightforward sketch of a prickly plant: we start with a circle.
Add down shoots – small individual cacti that easily take root as an independent plant, if separated. We draw the outline of the cactus with a slightly wavy line because the plant has tubercles and outgrowths from which needles grow.

how to draw a cactus
Oval for cactus drawing
At the top of the cactus, draw a flower. To do this, depict its base: an inverted cone with sharply rounded corners.
Let us depict another detail of a cup of cactus of an incomprehensible elongated shape.
Oval with a cup under a flower for drawing a cactus

how to draw a cactus
Oval with a bowl under a flower for drawing a cactus
We draw a blossoming flower. We show a series of wide triangular petals that are closer to the viewer.

how to draw a cactus
We draw a blossoming flower
Add small petals inside the flower: their upper part is also triangular with sharply rounded corners.
Along the entire cactus, we draw tubercles from which thorns will grow. We give them the shape of stars.

how to draw a cactus
We designate circles where the thorns will be
We identify rings where the thorns will be
On the cactus processes, we draw the bases for the needles, but their shape is somewhat different from the one drawn earlier: here, it is enough to draw small circles.
We begin to draw the base of the thorns. Look at the photos – they resemble tiny stars with a lot of processes.

how to draw a cactus
We draw the stamens of a cactus flower and make coloring
Add a few bases for the thorns on the flower cup.
We also depict long thorns – the main feature of an exotic plant. After that, we draw the middle of the flower – elongated stamens with twisted tops.

how to draw a cactus
Delete unnecessary pencil lines. At this point, you can draw the missing details.
We color the cactus with green and the flower with pink.
Right, is it not hard to draw even a blooming cactus? The main difficulty is to depict small spines correctly.

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