How to Draw a Duck Step by Step

This article will describe how to Draw a Duck! The duck family is the most numerous family of waterfowl. There are more than 150 species of birds, which are subdivided into 40 genera. Humans domesticated birds of the duck family (goose, duck) in ancient times.

Birds remain essential in agriculture; they are often kept in homesteads. The primary purpose of keeping them is to obtain meat, eggs and down. Ducks are also hunted commercially, which negatively affects the number of birds.
The predecessors of ducks are birds that inhabited the earth in ancient times. This fact is confirmed by archaeological research. For example, in Utah, the remains of a bird, the ancestor of the modern common duck, were found, and they are about 50 million years old.)

Pencil is a universal artistic attribute for artists of any level. With its help, it can simply and beautifully draw any animal. So consider in detail how to draw a duck in stages for the child. Below is a detailed and understandable algorithm for drawing for children.

Young children like to observe what is happening around them. They often try to capture it on paper or even on the wallpaper of their room. Most of all, children are attracted to animals, and little ducklings are very cute and quite easy to draw. It is most convenient to do it with a pencil.

Let’s get to drawing the duck right away!

How to Draw a Duck Easy

How to Draw a Duck

Step 1

Fix the center of the future drawing. Draw an oval body and above it another circle – the head. Next to it, outline the beak. Lines combine the head with the body.

How to Draw a Duck

How to Draw a Duck

Step 2

Go to the detailing. With precise lines, draw the contour of the duck and make plumage on the tail. Remember that the bird’s sternum should be convex, the back should not be flat, and the neck should be too straight. You can add details to the environment, for example, grass or flowers.

How to Draw a Duck

Step 3

Go to the drawing of the wing; it can slightly extend beyond the boundaries of the duck so it will look more realistic. Add a beak and an eye.

How to Draw a Duck

Step 4

Detail the eye. Now, we begin the most exciting part. The eye should be painted so that it is both dark and bright. Shade the circle and make its shape elongated; draw the corners. Next, you must draw feathers on the body with small strokes on the wings and tail.

How to Draw a Duck

Step 5

A little more, and it’s ready. Let’s take a soft pencil and once again draw the contours of the duck, the main thing being to emphasize the wing. Do not forget about the environment; it, too, can not leave without attention.

How to Draw a Duck

Step 6

Here, you have finished your first drawing with the help of different gray pencils.

How to Draw a Duck

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