Drawing a Chalice

A chalice is basically a fancy cup. When you draw one, it’s important to make it look like someone could pick it up and drink from it. This is relatively easy, as it’s just a matter of proportions.

Here’s how to draw a chalice:

Start out by drawing a rectangle that’s twice as tall as it is wide.

Place a mark one third of the way down from the top corners.

Split the rectangle into two squares and then mark the center of the new line.

This is going to sound a bit odd, but place two more marks on the center line to split the entire thing into thirds.

Now we’re ready to start drawing in the chalice itself. Connect the marks on the sides to the mark in the center of the middle line using curves.

Create two small squares in the bottom corners of the lower square. Try to make them roughly one-fifth of the size of the square. These will guide the creation of the grip.

Draw in the edges of the chalice’s bottom by using curves to connect the lower corners of the big rectangle to the top inner corners of the little squares.

Connect the square’s inner corners to the marks made in step four — the marks that you made to split the center line into thirds.

Draw in a circle or oval over the center of the drawing to connect the grip to the cup itself.

Clean up the lines a little to finish the chalice!

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