Drawing a Cross Crosslet

Although it might not look like it, this cross design is very easy to draw — especially against a grid. The main problem is getting the proportions right. It’s noticable if you’ve accidentally made it too thin or thick.

If you’re using a grid, just follow this pattern:

Example of making this design with a grid

Not using a grid? Try this method:

Draw a square around the area where the cross goes.
Getting the measurements here is vital. Mark off the center 9th of all four sides. If you’re not sure you’ll hit the center 9th, use the 10th instead. You can find out how long 1/10th of the side is by first eyeballing 1/5th and halving that distance.
Connect the marks to form the stipe and crossbeam.
Make little squares out of the four ends. These will guide you in making the buds.
Use the inner corner to make the buds as squares that are the same size as the ones you made in the previous step.
If all goes well, your cross should be complete!

Troubleshooting this design

Each arm and bud is a small cross. If your measurements were accurate, the crossbars of these little crosses are the same length as the three smaller arms and half the length of the long arm. Back to the top of the page  

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