Drawing a Flame

Flames are fairly easy to draw. As long as you use smooth curves and bend everything in roughly the same direction, it will look pretty good.

Here is a simple way to draw a nice tongue of flame:

Start out by drawing a W over a lopsided S. The W should be pretty distorted, with the central point noticeably higher than the other two points, and the troughs should be irregularly spaced.
Simply connect the ends of the S and W using flowing curves to finish the design.

The above flame is a typical example for a nice ball of fire, but flames come in all shapes and sizes. The flame of a candle or lit match is less pronounced and more tame than that. These next few steps should point you in the right direction:

First, work out where the center of the flame is. For a candle, it’s the top of the wick. Draw an upside-down U around this area.
Next, add a lopsided upside-down V over the U. If there is a light wind or other air movement, the point of the V should lean the direction the air is moving.
Using smooth curves, connect the five points to finish the flame.
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