Drawing Noah’s Ark

This is really just a simple rendition, but everyone should recognize it easily.

Here’s how to draw Noah’s famous ark:

Start by drawing the cabin as a fat rectangle. Don’t worry about an exact measurement; just try to keep it somewhere between a square and twice as wide as it is tall.
Cut the rectangle in two horizontally.
Extend the line you just made a little ways past both sides of the rectangle. Finish the roof by connecting the ends of the line to the top corners.
Make a door to the cabin by adding a rectangle somewhere towards the middle of the bottom rectangle.
Make sweeping arcs from the bottom corners to start the bow. The ends of these lines should be even and a little bit higher than the corners they start from.
Use another set of long shallow arcs going from the ends of the arcs you just made down a little farther than the cabin is tall to finish the ship itself.
Add rolling waves at the bottom.
Tidy up the lines a bit and you’ve finished your ark.

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