Orange Drawing Step by Step

Orange drawing in 3 versions will be described in this article! These are the most popular fruits in the world. Their true origins remain a mystery. But it is believed that the era of orange cultivation began several thousand years ago in East Asia. Today, the whole world consumes these citrus fruits fresh or in the form of juices, and their health benefits have been proven for a long time.

It is one of the most popular sources of vitamin C, antioxidants, thiamine, and folate. And besides their unique taste, these fruits have many health benefits. It is believed that oranges originated around 4000 BC. e. in Southeast Asia, and from there spread to India, and then to other regions of the planet with acceptable climatic conditions. Draw an orange quickly; the main thing is to follow our recommendations!

But even those first oranges weren’t wild. Biologists say that such a fruit does not exist in the wild. Perhaps the “wild” “parents” of orange citrus are pomelo (or as it is called the Chinese grapefruit) and mandarin. By the way, until 1542, this new fruit lived without a name. It was only in the 16th century that the name “orange” was coined.

So let’s get down to drawing an orange!

Orange drawing Easy (option 1)

orange drawing

There will be two fruits in our drawing of an orange – one whole, the other in a cut. Therefore, we will draw two circles; one should be in the foreground and overlap the one in the background. It should look something like this.

orange drawing

Now let’s add details that will allow us to understand what each of the oranges is. Add a stalk to the orange in the background, and draw a smaller oval in the front circle; it will indicate the cutting line.


orange drawing

Next, in the center of the oval, we begin to draw slices of the cut orange. They are roughly the same shape and size.

orange drawing
At this stage, to make the drawing look even more interesting, let’s draw a couple of orange leaves. Both are behind the oranges.

orange drawing

We’ve almost finished drawing the orange. Now all that remains is to color it in. For fruit drawings, it is good to use watercolors, felt-tip pens, or colored pencils. I use juicy shades of orange mixed with red and yellow, and I paint the leaves and the stem green. If you wish, you can add a shadow on the table with the fruit.

As you can see, it is straightforward to draw an orange; even a child with no art experience can handle it. Try our other lessons as well.

orange drawing

Orange slice drawing (option 2)

orange drawing

Step 1. Draw a circle

orange drawing
Step 2. Let’s draw a leaf

orange drawing
Step 3. Draw one slice next to the orange

orange drawing
Step 4. Finish the slice

orange drawing
Step 5. Coloring the orange

orange drawing

Orange drawing simple (option 3)

orange drawing

The foundation

Draw a huge circle to form the base for the fruit. Use a compass or around the item. Do not push the pencil as well as tricky to eliminate the line if it stops working.
orange slice drawing

Include quantity

The next step is to add an oval, which will undoubtedly add volume to the fruit. Research the placement of the figure very carefully. Its best side is a lot larger than its left.
orange slice drawing

Remove part of the oval.

Remove the left side of the oval. We got the outline of an orange half.
orange slice drawing

Different the peel

Indeed, no orange lacks a peel, And also, in the cut, it is noticeable. Utilize the inner circle to separate the crust from the middle. Keep in mind that the citrus peel is quite thick.
orange slice drawing


Now you need to detail the center, given that there will undoubtedly be pieces around it. You can attract two lines in a circle and draw a little circle at their crossway. Attract the supporting lines subtle to make it less complicated to eliminate them.
orange slice drawing

We outline the pieces.
From the center, we begin to split the inner circle right into small triangles.

orange slice drawing
Layout the orange slices Decide ahead of time the number of orange pieces you will have so that they all fit and are about the same.
Overview of orange pieces
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orange slice drawing

We complete drawing the lines of the slices

Attempt to draw lines of roughly the same dimension.

orange slice drawing
Finishing drawing a line of the slices If you can not draw lines, as in the guidelines, you can use an additional technique: use a ruler to attract straight and also vertical lines to make sure that they intersect. Then include two more diagonal lines. As a result, you obtain ten pieces.
orange slice drawing

Fixing the shape of the center

Orange pieces start with rounds. Link the lines of the core utilizing rounded star lines.
orange slice drawing

Lobule shape

The lobules are not linked per various others. Split the inner circle along the lines of each wedge as well as around the edges.
orange slice drawing

Attract the details of the peel

Due to the truth that the fruit is transformed three-quarters towards us, you can see a tiny part of the skin beyond. Separate it from the within as received the picture.
orange slice drawing

Separating the pieces

If you check out the orange section, you can see that the slices are divided by a thin white crust. Make the triangles smaller. The range in between them is the same. Don’t neglect that the corners are rounded right here.
orange slice drawing


We describe the pieces with additional lines. It is best, to begin with the sides.
orange slice drawing

Fix a limit very meticulously on the within, as they ought to be straight and not touch various other parts. They can be drawn with a ruler. But towards the end, they are rounded.

orange slice drawing
Detail the orange slices Beware not to miss out on anything.
orange slice drawing

Correcting the within

Erase inside the wedges that were drawn initially. This leaves the appropriately drawn inner part of the orange
orange slice drawing

Peel layers

The orange peel is not entirely orange. The within is white—different these balls with a different circle.
orange slice drawing



The shade of our fruit is orange. You can likewise utilize pale yellow to tint the internal layer that separates the wedges.

orange drawing

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