Baby Shark Drawing Step By Step

Baby shark drawing in 4 versions will be described in this article! A whale shark with a baby is a beautiful, majestic picture, but, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with reality. After the female- a shark has laid eggs, she leaves the baby forever and is no longer interested in his fate.

We tried to find the best examples of drawing a baby shark and offered you some of the most optimal options! An amusing incident happened a few years ago. A whale shark baby was discovered during the construction of one of the islands. He wrapped nets around himself. Until the shark got more robust, it was decided to place it in a hotel aquarium (Dubai, UAE).

Let’s get down to drawing a baby shark step by step!

Baby shark drawing easy (option 1)

Baby Shark Drawing

Cartoon shark for kids
A completely fearless and even funny character is obtained in this collection of how to draw a shark for children. A very detailed visual description will help to master the technique, even those who do not have much experience in drawing.
Let’s prepare a sketch in the form of a circle of the head, from which the tail goes down, and the nose goes up.
Baby Shark Drawing
Let’s add a forked tail fin to the tail and the body with side fins. The sketch is ready.
Baby Shark Drawing
Let’s start detailing from the face. Let’s draw the eyes and nose. Then – a toothy mouth. Although, despite the teeth, the shark is not angry at all due to the smile.
Baby Shark Drawing
Let’s outline the entire outline: first, the body, then the fins and tail.
Baby Shark Drawing
Finishing touches: gills and a line separating the back and abdomen of the marine life.
Baby Shark Drawing
All that remains is to remove the extra lines with the eraser and fill the entire picture with color.

Baby Shark Drawing

Baby shark drawing simple (option2)

Baby Shark Drawing

draw as a jagged oval.

Baby Shark Drawing

First, attract the left fin with rounded lines. It is guided downward.

Baby Shark Drawing
left fin
Attract the ideal fin utilizing the very same concept. He “looks” the other way.
right fin

Baby Shark Drawing

We attract the type of irregular triangular. This fin has a safety function for the shark.

Baby Shark Drawing
Pectoral fins
Found on both sides of the body. They have a sharp edge.

Baby Shark Drawing

lateral fins
The judgment of the court in the case of Efremov shocked not only the legal representative

Baby Shark Drawing

To drop
The shark does not have a great look, and also her mouth resembles a smile.

Baby Shark Drawing
to fall
Considering that we see the predator in the account, we can only see one eye. You can utilize a coin to attract.

Baby Shark Drawing
Draw the pupil as well as draw the lays out.

Baby Shark Drawing
Do you remember what teeth a shark has? That’s right, sharp. They resemble upside-down triangular.

Baby Shark Drawing


Paint the shark gray. Her eyes are eco-friendly.

Baby Shark Drawing

Baby shark drawing Step By Step (option 3)

Baby shark drawing Step By Step

In the middle of the sheet, we will undoubtedly portray a number that looks like an incomplete figure eight in a supine setting.

Draw by cells (Step 1).

We delineate a large area for the eye and student.
We end up draw frowning eyebrows, as we finished with We complement the silhouette with another eyebrow and also one eye. We draw an arc around the location and attract teeth in the center.

We detail the mouth. We bring out the reduced jaw and also the top of the head. Show all-time low of the body, attract a tail at the end.

Baby shark drawing Step By Step

Draw part of the back to the rear. At the top, at the end of the head outline, include one more fin.

I was drawing by cells (Action 2).

Baby shark drawing Step By Step
From the edge of the head, attract a little arcuate segment and a second dorsal fin. We complete drawing the back and separate the body into two components to reveal the belly and top.

Let’s include some gills and begin painting if you made use of a basic pencil, synopsis all the information with a black pen.

We paint the eyes with a blue or blue felt-tip pen. Draw the gum tissues above the teeth red and shade the top of the body with a black pencil. With the very same pencil, we make dark areas.

The drawing by the cells at this stage is completed. So, we learned precisely how to depict this shark according to detailed guidelines for the youngsters. If you are new to this kind of creative thinking, we advise that you follow our guidelines.

Baby shark drawing Step By Step

How to draw a baby shark (option 4)

Baby shark drawing Step By Step

Starting from the left side of the sheet, attract a slightly curved line to the best hand.
Intriguing as well as easy illustration (Action 1).

Baby shark drawing Step By Step
Stop and draw the upper fin with an irregular triangular with rounded edges.

At the end of the back, we continue to lead the line to the ideal side. Having brought it practically throughout, we continue to getting rid of the tail. As in the drawings of the fish, the shark likewise has a dual. Moving to the left, we match the picture with a line.

On the left side of the sheet, beginning with the bottom of the line, extract the nose. Allow’s attract the jaws and also continue to lead the path to the right side.
Interesting and very easy drawing (Action 2).

Baby shark drawing Step By Step
Allow’s include the front fin directly below the center of the body.

We finish drawing the bottom. In the mouth, we show the sharp teeth of the predator in diagonal lines—select all-time low and top of the head with an arc. We supplement the stomach with an edge. Draw one fin near the bottom and top of the tail near the tail.

We detail all the parts. Include eyes in the form of ovals and put a student in the corner to obtain a predatory look. We show the gills with oblique red stripes on the body. As well as repaint the upper body blue. We repaint the mouth with a pink felt-tip pen or pencil.

Baby shark drawing Step By Step

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