Draw a Candle Step by Step

Draw a Candle in 2 variants will tell in this article! The very first artificial source of light in primitive times was a fire and a branch lit by fire. Later, when the first torches were dipped in animal fat for longer burning, they began to be used for lighting, along with bowls-candles hollowed out in stone slabs.

The first handwritten mentions of candlemaking date back to about the 3rd millennium B.C: In Egypt, they were made from dried reeds. The impregnation was made from the melted fat of domestic ducks and domestic animals. And already in the Roman Empire and Greece, the lighting technology was based on olive wood. Bowls were filled, and torches were impregnated with the fruit’s oil. Wicks were made from chips of dried timber.

The wick, woven from rice paper strips, was wrapped in ground oilseeds in China. To make the wick hold up better, dried insect powder was added.

Draw a Candle This is a fantastic art direction; follow our advice, and you will succeed! In India, candles were made based on purple oil from the fruit of the cinnamon tree. The bark served as the wick. Most likely, the origin of colored and scented candles begins in India.

It was in the 15th century that beeswax began to be used en masse to make candles as the combustible material for candles. By the way, so familiar to us, the cylindrical mold for casting candles was invented simultaneously in France in the XV century. Finally, the candle could be called a candle.

People experiencing poverty were content with candles or candles made from animal fat. During the Middle Ages, the candle became one of the iconic objects. Poems and songs were composed about it, philosophical treatises were written, and it was depicted in paintings. There appeared candlemakers who made fragrant, colorful, and unusual shapes of candles. Blacksmiths, potters, and sculptors began to create original candlesticks. In addition, candlemaking mastered all the monks, as candles have become an indispensable attribute of the church and brought considerable income.

Let’s get to draw a candle right away!

Draw a Candle Flame (option 1)

draw a candle

Step 1

We start drawing a candle with a large rectangle and inside a small rectangle with a vertical line.

draw a candle

Step 2

We draw the base of the candle at the bottom of the rectangles in the form of a semi-oval

draw a candle

Step 3

Draw melted wax in the upper part of the rectangle

draw a candle

Step 4

For our candle, draw the second part of the half-arc

draw a candle

Step 5

Draw from these semi-arcs the main candles in the form of leaves

draw a candle

Step 6

We outline three small circles at the bottom of the candle

draw a candle


Step 7

Draw a flame at the top of the candle

draw a candle

Step 8

circle the body of the candle in a spiral

draw a candle

Step 9


Decorate our candle

draw a candle

Draw a Candle Colour (option 2)

Draw a Candle Flame

Let’s draw together not just a candle but a Christmas composition with a candle, a bow, and leaves of a holly leaf.

Start by drawing an ellipse in the center of the leaf and an elongated rectangle above it.

Draw a Candle Flame

In the second step, at the bottom and top of the rectangle, draw another ellipse to show the volume of the candle.

Draw a Candle Flame

Draw the top of the stand and handle.

Draw a Candle Flame

Next, proceed to draw the flame, erase unnecessary lines of the candle, and outline the location of the leaves with two ovals.

Draw a Candle Flame

Work out the contour of the leaves and draw a bow.

Draw a Candle Flame

Let’s mark the melted edge of the candle and prepare the drawing for coloring.

Draw a Candle Flame

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